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A privacy-protected, data sharing platform which keeps raw data at the source and sends aggregate data only to end user

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Changing the way we share data

Founded in March 2016 at York University with the full support of Innovation York and MaRS Innovation, Bitnobi was designed and developed by big data, cloud computing and cybersecurity experts who identified the problem of sharing Big Data across varying data infrastructure with different types of users.

Bitnobi eliminates the need to create copies of data and places the onus for launching data jobs on the end user by ensuring that the end user meets the data provider's "rules of engagement"

Define user attributes

Enable preview of data

Build a data job

Secure transformed aggregate data only

What we offer

Enhanced security

20% of data breaches happen because of copies of data being transferred to end users. With Bitnobi, end users leverage a segment of data for further data analysis instead of receiving copies of big data.

Access to data in minutes not months

Data providers set rules of engagement and rely on Bitnobi to move queries to their infrastructure for execution.

End users only see a preview of data while building their data query which is verified against data provider’s privacy rules in run time.

User-friendly interface

Drag and drop interface for data provider and end user.

Simplified Interaction

Move the end user’s query to the data provider instead of moving copies of data to the end user.


Streamline health informatics research with faster access to data based on rules of engagement set by healthcare data custodians



Secure access to data faster from enterprise data repositories so that business analysts can report on financial metrics

Share data internally, externally or across government departments in a secure manner. Bitnobi is a pre-qualified innovation under the Build In Canada Innovation Program




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